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Cromic Hair Color Cream is the innovative Light Irridiance permanent color cream enhanced with the Anti-Age System, with a highly conditioning, regenerating and protective action on the hair. Its exclusive formula based on Argan Oil with shine, emollient and antioxidant properties, and Aloe Vera, with its conditioning, moisturizing and soothing properties, guarantees maximum respect for the structure of the hair, making it soft, luminous and hydrated over time. The use of high-quality coloring pigments allows full coverage of gray hair, creating uniform and long-lasting colors with intense and vibrant reflections.

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1.0 Negro, 1.10 Negro Azul, 10.0 Rubio Platino, 10.1 Rubio Platino Ceniza, 10.3 Rubio Platino Dorado, 10.73 Rubio Platino Calido, 11.0 Superaclarante Rubio Natural, 11.1 Superaclarante Rubio Ceniza, 11.13 Superaclarante Rubio Beige, 11.2 Superaclarante Rubio Perla, 11.3 Superaclarante Rubio Dorado, 11.7 Superaclarante Rubio Irisado, 3.0 Castaño Oscuro, 4.0 Castaño, 4.2 Castaño Violeta, 4.3 Castaño Dorado, 4.4 Castaño Cobrizo, 4.5 Castaño Caoba, 4.62 Castaño Rojo irisado, 4.7 Chocolate Oscuro, 4.73 Castaño Calido, 5.0 Castaño Claro, 5.1 Castaño Claro Ceniza, 5.2 Castaño Claro Violeta, 5.3 Castaño Claro Dorado, 5.4 Castaño Claro Cobrizo, 5.55 Castaño Claro Caoba, 5.66 Castaño Claro Rojo Intenso, 5.7 Chocolate Extra, 5.73 Castaño Claro Calido, 6.0 Rubio Oscuro, 6.1 Rubio Oscuro Ceniza, 6.2 Rubio Oscuro Violeta, 6.3 Rubio Oscuro Dorado, 6.32 Rubio Oscuro Beige, 6.4 Rubio Oscuro Cobrizo, 6.44 Rubio Oscuro Cobrizo Intenso, 6.5 Rubio Oscuro Caoba, 6.6 Rubio Oscuro Rojo, 6.7 Chocolate Fondant, 6.73 Rubio Oscuro Calido, 7.0 Rubio, 7.1 Rubio Ceniza, 7.3 Rubio Dorado, 7.32 Rubio Beige, 7.4 Rubio Cobrizo, 7.43 Rubio Cobrizo Dorado, 7.44 Rubio Cobrizo Intenso, 7.5 Rubio Caoba, 7.66 Rubio Rojo Intenso, 7.7 Rubio Nuez, 7.73 Rubio Calido, 8.0 Rubio Claro, 8.1 Rubio Claro Ceniza, 8.3 Rubio Claro Dorado, 8.32 Rubio Claro Beige, 8.4 Rubio Claro Cobrizo, 8.44 Rubio Claro Cobrizo Intenso, 8.66 Rubio Claro Rojo Intenso, 8.7 Rubio Claro Avellana, 8.73 Rubio Claro Calido, 9.0 Rubio Clarisimo, 9.1 Rubio Clarisimo Ceniza, 9.3 Rubio Clarisimo Dorado, 9.32 Rubio Clarisimo Beige, 9.43 R. Clarisimo Cobrizo Dorado, 9.7 Rubio Clarisimo Sabana, 9.73 Rubio Clarisimo Calido, Amarillo, Azul, Neutro, Plata, Rojo


Light Irridance


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